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This is not classification as a Florida resident for tuition purposes, but a waiver for which eligible students can apply. The student will still be classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes.

Florida high school graduates who do not meet requirements for Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes, but who do meet the following conditions, are eligible for a waiver of out-of-state tuition and fees as dictated by F.S. 1009.26(12)(a):

  1. Attended a secondary school in this state for three consecutive years immediately before graduating from a high school in this state;
  2. Apply for enrollment in an institution of higher education within 24 months after high school graduation; and
  3. Submit an official Florida high school transcript as evidence of attendance and graduation.

The waiver is applicable for 110 percent of the required credit hours of the degree or certificate program for which the student is enrolled.

A student who is granted an out-of-state fee waiver under this subsection is not eligible for state financial aid, which includes Bright Futures.

NOTE: Eligible students must apply for this waiver by the first day of classes.

Apply for Waiver