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FRESHMEN:  A copy of your official final transcript showing the date of high school graduation is due no later than June 30 for students enrolling in the summer term and no later than July 15 for students enrolling in fall. If your transcript does not match information provided on your SPARK Form, your offer of admission may be rescinded. You must also submit official final transcripts from every post-secondary institution (i.e. dual enrollment) attended.

TRANSFERS:  A copy of your official final transcripts from each institution attended is required. If you satisfied the foreign language requirement in high school, a copy of your official final high school transcript must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

ALL:  Failure to provide final transcripts to UCF may also delay the disbursement of financial aid. Failure to meet all admission criteria will result in a change in your eligibility for financial aid. Your admission is contingent upon your successful completion of all coursework at a level consistent with that at the time of admission. Your enrollment is not complete until all official final transcripts and test scores are on file in our office. The status of these transcripts is available on your Future Knight Portal. Failure to provide final transcripts will jeopardize your ability to adjust your schedule, register for future terms, receive grades or have transcripts sent to other institutions.

NOTE: All documents, including documents submitted electronically, require processing time. Document processing time varies by time of year:

  • Non-peak: 5-7 business days minimum
  • Peak times (around application deadlines and first few weeks of each semester): 7-10 business days minimum

To avoid delays, submit all required documents as early as possible and well before deadlines.