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There are many ways to become a UCF Knight. Understanding your options will aid you throughout the admission process, prepare you for long-term academic success and help you unleash your potential. As a selective institution, admission to UCF is based in part upon high school coursework, grades, curriculum, standardized test score and college readiness in core academic subject areas.

Fall Admission

Direct admission to the fall term is the most competitive pathway for first-year students. Applicants wishing to enroll for this term, which begins in late August of each year, should present strong academic credentials, including a GPA and SAT, ACT or CLT score within the midrange for the current freshman class. Admission to fall is rolling and decisions are released between mid-September and May 1.

Summer Admission

For many first-year students, the idea of starting college early is an appealing one. UCF’s six-week summer term provides an opportunity to ease into college life and acclimate to a new routine before taking on a full schedule of fall courses and activities. Students can elect to apply for summer, while others may be offered the opportunity as a condition of their admission. All new students enrolling in summer will begin in the “Summer B” session, which runs from late June through early August.

Access Program

The Access Program is a six-week academic, on-campus summer program for selected first-year students. The program is designed to help incoming first-year students make a successful transition to college life and build effective study skills by participating in study group sessions and other academic support activities. Students selected to join the Access program will enroll at UCF during the “Summer B” term, which runs from late June through early August. Admission to the Access Program is by invitation only.

Earning an AA with High School Diploma

High School students earning both the standard high school diploma and an associate in arts (A.A.) degree through dual enrollment from a Florida College System or State University System institution and who do not meet FTIC admission requirements may be admitted to UCF under Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.005. Students admitted under this regulation will be considered first-time-in-college (FTIC) students for admission purposes although they are not required to submit SAT/ACT/CLT scores for admission consideration. They must submit a $200 enrollment deposit to enroll, attend a freshman orientation session, and will be eligible to apply for first year on-campus housing, however they will not be considered for merit scholarships from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if they do not submit an SAT/ACT/CLT score for review. Students being considered for admission under FL BOG 6.005 will be required to submit an official Florida College System or State University System transcript for evaluation prior to an admission offer being made; they must also provide a final official college transcript displaying the A.A. before enrolling at UCF. Any FTIC student admitted under this regulation must immediately notify the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if they do not intend to receive their degree for any reason. Any FTIC student admitted under this regulation who does not receive the A.A. may have their admission revoked.

Spring Admission

Many students choose to apply directly to our January spring term, while others may be offered the opportunity as a condition of their admission. Students wishing to take courses at a community or state college during the summer or fall semester prior to enrolling in the spring must submit an official transcript from all colleges attended. They may not complete more than 11 credit hours after their high school graduation date and prior to enrolling at UCF.

STEP (Supporting Teacher Education Pre-Professionals)

STEP is a program for incoming first-year students who plan to major in education and become teachers. Students selected to join STEP will enroll at UCF during the Summer B term, which begins in June. Admission to STEP is by invitation only.

Math Launch

Math Launch is a unique program designed to help incoming first-year students prepare for Calculus I at UCF and set them up for success in their chosen STEM major. Students selected for the program will take a reduced course load in their first term and move at their own pace through a boot camp style math course with the support of a dedicated peer coach, highly qualified instructors and learning assistants.

UCF Online

UCF Online has been crafted to meet the needs of learners seeking flexibility and convenience. This option is ideal for students balancing multiple commitments or those who learn better in a self-paced, online environment. UCF Online students have the opportunity to shape their learning journey, studying at their own pace, in their preferred environment, and at times that best suit them. It’s essential to consider your lifestyle, learning preferences, and career goals when choosing between a fully online degree program and a campus-based program.

UCF Global Pathway Programs

UCF Global Pathway Programs (offered On-Campus and Online) are designed to support international students with a first-year experience opportunity to take undergraduate courses with the option to include immersive English-language learning, as well as transfer students who are seeking assistance with academic and cultural transition.

DirectConnect to UCF®

DirectConnect to UCF guarantees admission* to UCF with an A.A. or articulated A.S. degree from any of our partner state colleges. Step-by-step support and resources are available through the DirectConnect program, including advising, coaching and enrollment assistance. First-year students who are dual-enrolled at a DirectConnect partner institution and complete their A.A. or A.S. prior to or at the same time as high school graduation may qualify for admission to UCF but may not be offered admission to their preferred admission term. First-year students who are not eligible for admission through other pathways and who have not earned an A.A. or A.S. degree may be encouraged to participate in DirectConnect and transfer to UCF upon completion of their two-year degree from one of our partner state colleges.
*Consistent with university policy

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