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The first half of your senior year is now over. Congratulations! You are one step closer to high school graduation.

This milestone also means that grades from the first semester are now available and should be updated on your SPARK Form. To assist you in submitting these grades – along with other updates to your class schedule, school rank, etc. – your SPARK Form will be unlocked through Friday, February 16, 2024.

Read and carefully follow these instructions to submit your first semester high school grades.

  1. Obtain a copy of your most current high school transcript with grades from the fall semester reflected.
  2. Log into your Future Knight Portal and open your most recent application.
  3. Navigate to your Status page to view your Application Checklist.
  4. Click on the SPARK Form link in the checklist.
  5. Check the accuracy of your previously-submitted courses. If your schedule changed since you initially submitted your SPARK Form, make the appropriate update.
  6. Indicate your grades for courses where semester grades have been issued. If your school ranks, and the rank/size has changed or was not initially provided, please update that information on the school information tab.
  7. Click the Finalize tab to review your information, then click SUBMIT to enter your grades and re-lock your SPARK Form.

A list of FAQs has been assembled below to assist you in this process. If you have questions regarding this mid-year update, please contact us at



Who needs to complete a SPARK mid-year update?

All students who have applied but have not yet received an admissions decision from UCF should submit mid-year updates. Additionally, any student who is “deferred” for first semester senior grades should update their SPARK.

Why am I being asked to update my SPARK Form?

We realize that a lot can happen over the course of one semester. Schedule and class changes and the release of first semester grades are examples of new information that’s now available. The Admissions Committee will review updated SPARK Forms for applicants in the hope of making a final admission decision.

Do I have to submit a mid-year update to my SPARK Form?

If you have applied for admission but not received a decision OR if you have specifically been deferred by the UCF Admissions Committee for updated semester grades, you must submit a mid-year update.

When will the SPARK mid-year update close?

SPARK Forms can be updated through Friday, February 16, 2024.

I am in block scheduling. How should I input my courses?

For students who are taking full-year courses in one semester (e.g. block scheduling or dual enrollment), the final grade should be entered into Semester 1 and Semester 2. For example, if you took ENC1101 during the first semester and received a “B” grade, you would enter “B” in both the Semester 1 and Semester 2 columns of the SPARK Form for that course.

How can I add or edit my high school rank and school size?

Click on your high school that you will be graduating from and add your rank and size based on what is listed on your transcript. If your school does not rank, it is not necessary to make an update to this section of your SPARK.

Should I change a previous course entry if I dropped/swapped a class or made a mistake when I first submitted it?

Yes. If you made schedule changes, you will be able to add/remove/edit courses that changed during the first semester.

Will I be able to edit my SPARK Form after February 16th?

Once you press “submit,” your SPARK Form will be locked and will not be reopened again. You may edit the SPARK Form up until you finalize and submit your grades or until February 16th, whichever occurs first. Access to the SPARK mid-year update closes on February 16th regardless of whether changes were made and submitted, so do not delay in making your edits. We recommend checking your entries carefully before pressing “submit.”

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