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Leave these instructions open as you complete your UCF Self-Provided Academic Record for Knights (SPARK) Form. You must have a copy of your high school or homeschool transcript nearby to reference while completing the form. A video tutorial is available at the bottom of this page. As a reminder, only First Time In College applicants currently enrolled in a high school or home school located in the United States or U.S. Territory (including Puerto Rico) should submit the SPARK Form.

NOTE: The SPARK Form is currently compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


DO NOT complete this form if:

  • You have already graduated from high school. Submit your official final high school transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions electronically or by mail. Read our FAQ for information on sending transcripts.
  • You earned a GED. Submit your GED scores and partial high school transcript(s) to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • You are attending a high school outside of the United States or U.S. Territories. Official transcripts(s), graduation certificate(s) and/or leaving exam results for all secondary coursework completed outside of the United States must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. For more information, please review our international admissions requirements.

NOTE:  Your admission decision will be based upon your completed SPARK Form. Each SPARK Form will be authenticated using your final official transcript from high school and college if you enroll. Upon verification, if your final official high school transcript does not match your SPARK Form submissions, your offer of admission may be rescinded or your term of admission changed.


  • Please add each high school, virtual school, and college or university that you have attended (or will attend) before high school graduation.
  • If you earned high school credit for coursework taken in Middle/Junior High School, enter this coursework under the high school you will be graduating from.
  • If you attended more than one high school, please review the scenarios below:
    • My previous high school transferred all coursework and grades to my current high school’s transcript.
      • Only add the high school you are graduating from and include all transferred coursework under this school’s entry.
    • My high school transferred some course details (such as Course Name, units, and/or grades) but not all required information from previously attended schools is listed on my graduating high school’s transcript -OR- my current high school did not transfer courses from previously attended schools on my graduating high school’s transcript:
      • For prior school(s) located within the United States and U.S. Territories, obtain the transcript(s) and enter those courses and grades on the SPARK form.
      • For prior school(s) located outside of the United States and U.S. Territories, complete the SPARK form with the U.S.-based high school information. Submit official transcript(s), graduation certificates and/or leaving exam results for all secondary school coursework completed outside the U.S. to the UCF Office of Undergraduate Admissions. For more detailed information regarding required documents for Non-U.S. high schools, visit our International Admissions Requirements page.


  • School Name: Begin typing the school name to start a look-up value. Choose the appropriate school based on name with city and state. If the school does not exist in SPARK, continue typing the full name and enter the address information at the bottom of the school entry section.
  • Level of Study: Select “High School” for secondary schools. Select “Undergraduate” for any college(s) attended as a dual-enrolled student prior to graduating high school.
  • Start Date: Enter the date you began attending school for this entry. You can enter 8/1/YYYY if uncertain about the exact date.
  • End Date: Enter the last date you were enrolled at this institution. You can enter 5/1/YYYY if uncertain about the exact date. Note: This may be the same as your graduation date.
  • Will you be graduating from this high school: Select “Yes” ONLY if you will be graduating from this school. If this is a College or University that is not awarding your high school diploma, choose “No.”
    • If “Yes” is selected, you will be prompted to answer the following questions:
    • Graduation Date: Enter your projected graduation date.
    • Class Rank: Indicate your rank in the first box and total number of students in your class in the second box. This should be indicated on your transcript.
    • *If your school does not rank or you are home schooled, select the appropriate option.
  • School Address: Enter the country, city, state, and postal code for this high school entry.


  • Add each course taken in high school and/or home school—including dual enrollment and/or virtual courses.
  • Courses required for high school graduation that were completed in middle school should be added and labeled as Pre-High School.
  • Include those courses not completed yet or that you plan to take.
  • Credit Recovery Courses should be entered with the subject area of Elective.
  • ESOL: Only the following ESOL courses taken at a Florida high school may be used towards the English requirement.
    • English 1 through ESOL (Course Number: 1002300)
    • English 2 through ESOL (Course Number: 1002310)
    • English 3 through ESOL (Course Number: 1002320)
    • English 4 through ESOL (Course Number: 1002520)
    • *All other ESOL courses should be listed as Elective(s).
  • Grade Forgiveness and Repeat Classes: If you repeated coursework, only enter the course with the highest grade. NOTE: Repeat courses must exactly match previous attempts—including the course level. For example, if you took AP Biology and repeated the course as Biology Honors, this is not considered the same course and both courses must be added to the SPARK form.
  • Remedial/Fundamental coursework should not be added to the SPARK form.
  • Transferred Credit on your High School Transcript:
  • If your high school transcript includes grades from a previous school, enter the course information as specified.
  • If the transcript is missing course details (such as Course Name, units, and/or grades), you will need to acquire the transcript from the original institution before entering the course(s) and finalizing the SPARK Form.


  • Course Name: Enter the course name as it appears on your transcript.
  • Course Number: Enter the course number as it appears on your transcript. If your school does not provide a course number, leave this blank.
  • Subject Area:
    • English (Note: For some states, Humanities courses count for the English graduation requirement. If that’s the case in your state, list those courses here.)
    • Math: Use only math courses for Algebra 1 level and higher. Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B should be entered as a ½ credit each.
    • Natural Science
    • Social Science: History, Civics, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Geography.
    • World Language (also known as Foreign Language)
    • Elective: Courses taken outside of the specified areas above, e.g. Computer courses, Physical Education, etc. These will not be counted toward your high school GPA.
    • Accelerated Fine Arts: Art, Film, Digital Media, Visual Arts, Dance, and Theatre.
  • Grade Level: Choose the grade in which the course was taken. If the course was taken prior to 9th grade, choose Pre-High School.
  • Course Level: Enter the appropriate course level that is indicated on your transcript.
  • 1st Semester Grade: If the semester grades are listed, enter the 1st semester grade in the field. If you completed a course over the 2nd semester only, list it here — do not enter it in the 2nd semester. If the course is in progress, choose IP.
  • 2nd Semester Grade: If the semester grades are listed, enter the 2nd semester grade. If the course is in progress, choose IP. If the course is only 1 semester, leave this blank.


  • The SPARK form uses semester grades only.
  • Block Scheduling: Yearlong courses taken over one semester should be entered with the final grade in both Semester 1 and Semester 2.
  • Trimester Scheduling: If the trimester course is a full year, enter the final grade in both Semester 1 and Semester 2. If you have completed a course for only 1 or 2 Trimesters, enter the grade in Semester 1 only.
  • +/- Grades: Plus or minus should be entered as the letter grade (for example A+ or A- are entered as A).
  • Numerical Grades (i.e. 94%) will need to be converted to letter grades using your school’s grading scale.
  • If the outcome of a course is “PASS,” select “S” for “Satisfactory.” If the outcome of a course is “FAIL,” select “U” for “Unsatisfactory.”

If you have additional questions, please visit our SPARK form FAQs or email

View the SPARK Form Tutorial

Our admissions staff walks you through a step-by-step workshop to create your SPARK account and complete and submit your SPARK Form.