Improper drug disposal is a prescription for environmental and societal concern. Most people hold on to expired or unwanted medications because they do not know the proper way to dispose of them. UCF Health Services partnered with the UCF Police Department to host a “Drug Take Back” event on September 27 where anyone can drop off unwanted drugs with no questions asked.

All drugs collected were properly destroyed by the State Drug Enforcement agency. By participating in Drug Take Back, one protects the waterways and keeps pharmaceuticals out of the hands of potential abusers.

“The 2nd UCF Drug Take Back event was a success,” said Megan Pabian, coordinator of university relations & public affairs for Health Services. “We were able to exceed the 35 pounds of medications we collected last year and collected a total of 67 pounds this time. There is clearly a need for an event like this on campus, and we hope that we will continue to co-host more of these events along with the UCF Police Department.”

Health Services is in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.