Our community includes students and employees from around the world who observe many religions. UCF is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for religious observances, practices and beliefs, regardless of faith.

This year, Ramadan overlaps with the final exam period and may impact students’ and employees’ schedules. This spiritual month for Muslims takes place this year from April 12 through May 12.

The following guidance applies for students and employees of all faiths but is particularly timely this year for our Muslim community members:

  • Students should ask their faculty members for religious accommodations directly and as soon as possible. Employees who need religious accommodations should notify their supervisor and, if needed, contact the Office of Institutional Equity. Accommodations cannot fundamentally alter an essential requirement of the course or academic program, remove essential job functions or cause any undue hardship.
  • Coordination of religious observances and accommodations will need to consider the various time zones where students and employees reside.
  • Students will be held responsible for any material covered during an excused absence but will be permitted a reasonable amount of time to complete missed assignments.
  • Retaliation against students and employees requesting a religious accommodation or participating in a religious accommodation process is prohibited.

For students, accommodations may be offered for admissions and class attendance and when scheduling exams and work assignments. See UCF Regulation 5.020 Religious Observances.

For employees, reasonable religious accommodations are provided when they do not impose any undue hardship. See OIE Guidance on Religious Accommodation.

The Office of Institutional Equity — available by calling 407-823-1336 or emailing oie@ucf.edu — is open to students, faculty and staff who may need technical guidance on supporting one another through religious observances.

Rhonda L. Bishop
Vice President for Compliance and Risk

Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Officer