Cara Salinas holding her artwork in front of the UCF Creed banner.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities in conjunction with the UCF Parent and Family Fund hosted the Spring 2013 Creed Art Contest. Students from across campus were encouraged to submit original works of art that represented the UCF Creed values. Twenty-two talented students submitted their original artwork with their personal artistic reflections.

Courtney Tinnesz wrote, “Represented in my artwork is the University of Central Florida’s creed value creativity. Creativity is the ability to transcend typical ideas, standards, and rules to create a meaningful interpretation; originality. My piece tests traditional art and challenges the viewer to look beyond the surface. Similarly, UCF challenges its students to do more than learn principles and theories, but to expand upon their knowledge by applying them with their individual and unique talents to enrich the overall human experience.”

The winners were: Cara Salinas, sophomore; Christine Gilbert, junior; and CJ Frontera, senior.

Creed Art submissions are currently on display in Wellness and Health Promotion Services, Nicholson School of Communication, and the University Writing Center. OSRR is a department in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.