First-year students were the focus of the September 18th Student Academic Resource Center’s annual Fall Learning Fair 2013. The event aimed to foster academic success and retention through student development of relevant personal and academic skills, and through increased awareness and use of learning support services on campus. This fair differs from typical campus outreach initiatives in that the more intimate scale encourages departments and organization to engage students in academic dialog.

The event’s theme, “Black and White and Gold, Celebrating 50 Years of Growing Together,” supported UCF’s 50th anniversary celebration. Archival photos of UCF’s younger years were displayed throughout the room. There were 21 university departments, services and academic organizations that offered students information to help make them successful at UCF.

The SARC Learning Fair 2013 was a great success with a total of 428 student attendees. Of those student participants approximately 52 percent were freshmen. Based on results of a written evaluation, 100 percent of participants felt that the Learning Fair was well organized and 97 percent felt more aware of UCF campus resources after attending the Learning Fair.