The CFE Arena and surrounding businesses reopened this morning after being shut down late Tuesday night.

UCF’s gas provider conducted testing overnight to track down the source of the gas leak. The culprit was a commercial stove inside Knightro’s. The stove has been disconnected and is out of commission, but business at Knightro’s and within the Arena is normal.

The arena was evacuated Tuesday evening because of  a gas odor that started at Knightro’s, a campus dining facility. Orange County Fire Rescue units responded to the Arena after 9 p.m.

The evacuation impacted other offices and restaurants inside the Arena; it did not affect any residence halls on campus.

As a precaution, the Arena, All-Knight Study Area and Jimmy John’s remained closed overnight to allow fire officials to continue investigating the source of the leak.

CFE Arena was largely unoccupied at the time of the leak. UCF’s women’s basketball team defeated Houston 59-38 earlier Tuesday evening. The game had been over for about 45 minutes when the leak occurred.

Knightro’s closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday.