The Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association (CFHLA) hosted its Membership Luncheon today, where it presented thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants to local hospitality students and schools. Among this year’s recipients was the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, receiving a $100K gift – the largest ever awarded by the CFHLA.

The $100K pledge will be paid evenly over multiple years to UCF’s Rosen College in exchange for the naming rights to the campus’ student lounge. The newly named Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association Student Lounge serves as a hub of student life for the UCF Rosen College campus.

“The CFHLA – UCF Rosen College partnership continues to be positive for the advancement of the regional hospitality industry,” said Rich Maladecki, CFHLA President & CEO. “On behalf of the CFHLA Board of Directors, CFHLA is proud to award the largest grant ever, $100,000, for the naming rights of the UCF Rosen College Student Lounge.”

At the Luncheon, the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association also awarded an additional $26K in scholarships to the following 18 UCF Rosen College students: Leanza Altenderfer, Kara Cederquist, Mikyba Cooper, Dannielle Givens, Herna Gonzalez, Courtney Hitzel, Jamie Jaworski, Daneen Johnson, Matthew Joiner, Jeffrey Maggiacomo, Candace Osborne, Kailyn Potter, Adam Roth, Kimberly Saunders, Lori Schumacher, Christina Tauceda, Michelle Tran, and Michelle Yesersky.

“I sincerely thank the entire CFHLA Board for their continued support of our programs and students,” said Dr. Abraham Pizam, Dean of UCF’s Rosen College. “It is because of their generosity that UCF’s Rosen College remains a leader in hospitality management education.”

The Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association is one of Central Florida’s largest and most influential trade groups. The membership includes nearly 80% of the more than 116,000 hotel rooms in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties, and nearly 500 “supplier” organizations that do business with the hospitality and tourism industries.