Come play and test the latest in-progress video games from students at FIEA, UCF’s graduate video game development program. At this event, you can play the games, meet the developers and give your feedback to help the students continue development. FIEA students will be in front of the Student Union recruiting players.

The three games being tested are:

Penned is a 3D action-adventure game where the player uses vocabulary words to change the game world and gameplay. It’s a fun and educational game that seeks to teach SAT-level vocabulary to high school students.

Battle Fortress Tortoise
Experience the thrill of making life-and-death battle decisions in this chaotic tower defense shooter set on the back of a giant moving tortoise.

Plushy Knight
Plushy Knight navigates through a little girl’s tragic dreamscape as her teddy bear in shining armor. Gemma has lost her parents to a tragic accident. Guide her through her troubled dreams as none other than her favorite plushy bear. Be her courage. Be her Plushy Knight.

When? Monday, June 25 from 10 am–3 pm

Where? UCF Student Union on UCF’s Main Campus, Room 220

For more information on the session, email