UCF Police and university technology teams are investigating multiple reports of credit card fraud possibly originating from locations on campus.

With the information known so far, it appears the fraud is occurring only at vendor locations on campus, meaning from private businesses such as restaurants and retailers. There do not appear to be reports involving university-controlled areas such as registration for classes, financial aid or housing.

Initial information also leads university officials to believe that this is unrelated to a cyberattack against the university earlier this year. Information shows this involves only credit and debit card data.

UCF Police have contacted the Secret Service about the reports; that agency is charged with protecting key areas of banking and finance. UCF police investigators are working with campus technology teams to conduct physical and virtual reviews of equipment and networks.

We have also instructed campus vendors to review their financial systems.

To date, about 10 reports regarding credit card fraud have been filed with UCF Police in the past few days. More than 20 additional anecdotal stories from students and faculty and staff members, as well as posts to social media, have been noted.

A common theme of the incidents is that fraudulent charges appear soon after using a credit or debit card at an on-campus vendor. Many of the reports involve businesses located in the Student Union, Knights Plaza and the John T. Washington Center.

If you believe you have been the victim of credit card fraud, you should report the incident to your credit card company immediately.

Federal law limits your liability for unauthorized charges. Your protection depends on the type of card and when you report the loss.

Students who are experiencing temporary hardships as a result of fraud should contact UCF Cares at 407-823-5607 or ucfcares@ucf.edu.

UCF will provide more information as the investigation continues.