Dippin’ Dots, Inc. recently reached a landmark, gaining more than 1 million fans on the company’s Facebook page. In celebration of the event, Dippin’ Dots® is awarding its 1 millionth fan a total of 1 million Dots.

Orlando native and University of Central Florida student, John Migetz was lucky number 1 million. “I’ve never won a promotion like this before” Migetz said, “but I can tell you that a million Dippin’ Dots would be very hard to beat.”

Migetz will receive one gallon of Dippin’ Dots per month for 20 months. “I’m so excited that I am the 1 millionth fan, and can’t wait to start enjoying the Dippin Dots,” Migetz said. “I’m sure that between me, my family, and my friends, we will have no trouble eating 1 million Dippin Dots!”

Dippin’ Dots, Inc. is ranked number 27 on The Big Money Facebook 50, a listing of companies that perform well in social media. “These are the companies that are really moving the needle in terms of customer engagement and loyalty, a critical aspect of a brand’s success and staying power in this challenging economy,” said James Ledbetter, editor of The Big Money.

Dippin’ Dots landed its Facebook page in the summer of 2007, rocketing from zero to 1 million in just 34 months. That’s nearly a thousand members a day, with no mainstream advertising and little publicity. Since hitting the 1 million mark, the company’s Facebook fan base has increased by more than 2,500 members per day.

Migetz, a graduate of Boone high school in Orlando, is now a college junior, studying Business Administration, but he has not outgrown his favorite ice cream treat.