On August 29, the LEAD Scholars recorded the largest attendance ever at their tailgate with over 100 LEAD Scholars students gathering for food, fun and friendship. Priyanka Patel said, “It was very nice to see all the first and second years coming together.” LEAD Scholars Program staff thanks student leader members who assisted in providing alcohol free-entertainment for the students.

Activities held during the tailgate included: free salsa lessons given by Karen Rodriguez, LEAD Students Association Historian, and Carlos Hernandez, LEAD alum; a spirit contest which was won by Rebecca Paramore, first-year LEAD Scholar; and an impromptu volleyball game. And what is a tailgate without food? Athletic Director Austin Teahan and his assistant Jammal Cooks grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for students to enjoy at the tailgate.

Joe Wolf, LSA director, commented, “This LEAD Scholars tailgate is proof in my eyes that tailgating is more than just drinking. It’s about friendship, school spirit and unity!”

The LEAD Scholars Program staff hopes that with the outstanding success of their first tailgate, more students will join them for…as attendee Chris Rollins commented the event was, “good food, good friends and tons of fun.”