What do a list of Chuck Norris facts, an iPod Nano bag, and an invoice for a false fire alarm have in common?

They were all items locked away for five years in the Rosen College Apartments Time Capsule, created by the first group of residents from the 2005-2006 academic year.

Assistant Director of UCF Housing and Residence Life, Meredith Varner enjoyed the event, “The students had a really good time, and the staff had some great snacks and drinks for everyone.”

Other objects in the time capsule included: a dried rose from a bouquet a resident’s fiancée gave to her when he proposed in a Rosen Apartments lounge; a door tag shaped like a Gameboy; an advertisement for an RA Program — Mashed Potato Sculpting Competition; and a plastic pineapple cup, the symbol of the hospitality industry.

In addition to objects, the capsule held memory cards that reflected nostalgically on fond memories and friendships cultivated in the student apartments.

Current residents are filling the capsule with memory cards and items before the end of the Spring 2011 semester, and it will then be sealed for another five years.

Varner shared, “I was really glad I was able to be there, and it brought back lots of great memories of the first year of the Rosen Apartments. “