On September 11, the Nicholson School of Communication honors Bill Biggart as one of the many fallen heroes from the events surrounding 9/11 and for his contributions and passion for the field of photojournalism.

Veteran freelance photojournalist, Bill Biggart, began September 11 walking his dog with his wife, Wendy Doremus, when he learned of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. A true journalist, Biggart rushed home for his cameras and press credentials then into the clouds of smoke.

Biggart was not far from the first tower when it fell and after being overtaken by the dust, he photographed the devastation surrounding him. His wife, Wendy, was able to reach him on his cell phone. Biggart assured her that he was safe, with the firemen and would see her in 20 minutes.

20 minutes after that phone call, the second tower collapsed. Biggart’s body, cameras and press cards were found in the rubble four days later.

On September 10, members of the NSC faculty, staff and student organizations gathered on the front lawn to remember and honor Bill Biggart as a part of NSC Steps Forward Week, a week dedicated to service in the surrounding community. 500 flags in total were placed in his honor and memory.

For more information about Bill Biggart, please visit: www.billbiggart.com.