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How UCF’s Jasmine Williams Balances Softball, Motherhood and Social Media Stardom
A beige RV sits parked behind the outfield fence at the UCF softball stadium on a chilly, drizzly day at the midway point in the season. If you want to find the Williams family, go to the RV and find the Ball-Malone family. They are all there for every home game. Rain or shine. Sure enough, just before the first pitch in the opener against then-No. 2 Texas, two little boys -- Zee Brysen Williams and Cayson Malone -- race down the RV steps and start running around the expansive grass field in front of them. Their moms are also about to take the field: Jasmine Williams at shortstop, head coach Cindy Ball-Malone in the dugout. Jasmine Williams feels the same way. There is no place she would rather be than at UCF, a program that made her feel supported and allowed her to love softball again. She credits Ball-Malone for that. With four kids herself, Ball-Malone watches as Williams juggles her responsibilities as an athlete, wife, mother, student and social media influencer. Ball-Malone often wonders, "How does she do it all?" Williams makes it look so effortless. Reality says otherwise. Williams pushed through dark days, sleepless nights and social media vitriol over her interracial relationship and motherhood just to make it here: Happy and fulfilled, finishing out an improbable career 2,500 miles away from where her first softball career began. "God sent me on this path for a reason," Williams said about her journey. "Because I needed to end up here."