Yes, I’m one of those people who blow up my friends’ Facebook feeds with all the posts I share. I can’t help myself! If I see something I think is really cool, funny or innovative, I want to show it to everyone.

There are the typical self-help and inspirational posts, cute children and funny animal posts, and the amazing-places-to-visit posts. I’ve shared tons of information on my favorite topics: child development, parenting and nature play.

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But some of the ones that inspire me the most are those examples of people doing good things for others and trying to make the world a better place.

I love seeing the wonders of creative thinking used to take better care of each other and our planet, and people of all ages are joining the movement.

Scientists and even others are creating and harnessing energy and cleaning our oceans in wonderfully innovative ways. Unconventional stores are selling products that have been upcycled or fixed to cut down on global waste.

Affordable tiny homes are providing shelter to those who have been living on the streets. Pioneering efforts are being made to provide clean water for communities around the world. Companies that are thinking outside the box are building workforces with those who may struggle finding jobs.

Here in our own Orlando backyard, past and present UCF Knights are making impacts on people’s lives and the world.

Students and faculty members are studying the Florida coastlines and restoring waterways. They are protecting the world’s endangered sea turtle populations. They are designing and building robotic arms for children. They are improving the lives of individuals with motor impairments. They are creating apps for sustainable pest management of crops. They are developing self-warming blankets for use with premature infants living in remote areas.

These are just a small sampling of what is being accomplished and the list of incredible research and work continues to grow.

These are the stories I most enjoy reading and seeing the advances being made to change our world.

It is truly amazing what the human brain can design. The care and concern demonstrated by these endeavors gives me hope for our future.

When we take a look outside of ourselves and seek the greater good for all, we can accomplish extraordinary things.

So go ahead and create: I can’t wait to see and “share” your next new concept on the horizon.

Kim Nassoiy is associate director of UCF’s Creative School for Children. She can be reached at