We are sharing our plans to realign resources and strategically invest in our academic mission, actions that will help transform the lives of our students and further our impact on society.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will focus on achieving operational excellence — finding ways to become more efficient and effective in our administrative operations — so we can reinvest resources to support our academic mission. These investments will include hiring faculty and staff; strengthening research; and investing in diversity, equity and inclusion programs, all of which are needed for us to become one of America’s leading 21st-century public metropolitan research universities.

Every day, employees across the entire university play a critical role in helping UCF advance our academic mission. We appreciate your dedication to our students and the impact you make in our community, especially with the added challenges of COVID-19.

As we move forward with realigning resources and making our strategic investments, we are committed to identifying resources for reinvestment while building a culture that values inclusive decision-making and respects the contributions of all of our employees.

To facilitate inclusive decision making, we are re-establishing the University Budget Committee, a group that will include faculty, staff and students and that will be co-chaired by Interim Provost Michael Johnson and Interim CFO Joseph Trubacz. The committee will be expected to develop a deep understanding of the university’s financial position and obligations so that the university allocates resources strategically, in line with our collective goals.

We will also reallocate 3 percent of each college’s and division’s budget to a newly created Strategic Investment Fund. We are encouraging deans and division leaders to identify the sources of these reallocations thoughtfully. In addition, administrative divisions will be asked to present plans to the University Budget Committee showing how they will identify an additional 3 percent contribution to the Strategic Investment Fund.

A more inclusive and strategic budgeting process will make UCF a stronger institution.

A more inclusive and strategic budgeting process will make UCF a stronger institution. These resulting resources and subsequent investments will be focused on how we can best provide an exceptional educational experience for our students, an inclusive culture throughout the institution and a commitment to scholarly excellence that will distinguish us nationally and internationally into the future. At a minimum, this budgeting process will enable us to be more thoughtful about our spending. Of course, we must also acknowledge the uncertainties related to COVID-19, and the decisions we make now will help us weather the pandemic and be better prepared for the future.

Change can sometimes be difficult, but is often essential for organizations to become stronger. Our people are our strength, and UCF’s future is bright because of our collective commitment to our mission and our students.

Thank you for your continued dedication to UCF.


—Alexander N. Cartwright, UCF president

—Michael D. Johnson, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs