LEAD Scholars Peer Mentors with Germayne Graham (front right)
LEAD Scholars Peer Mentors with Germayne Graham (front right)

 UCF Cares, an initiative of Student Development and Enrollment Services, is an umbrella of care-related programs and resources dedicated to fostering a caring community of Knights. Services and information are included for a variety of student concerns, including but not limited to alcohol use, bias incidents, mental health concerns and financial challenges.

Each month UCF Cares will award students with the Care Advocate award to any student who has demonstrated caring towards a fellow Knight or anyone part of the UCF community (or beyond). Congratulations to the Lead Scholars Peer Mentors who are the first to receive the Care Advocate award.

LEAD Scholars Peer Mentors is a group of students who are selected at the end of their first year at UCF to serve as mentors for our first year LEAD Scholar students. These 22 students work in and out of the classroom with a group of 15-25 students helping them to get adjusted to UCF. The mentors plan social, tag-along and service events with the freshmen students outside of their classroom requirements.

Germayne Graham, associate director of Leadership Studies, said, “For the past two weeks, the peer mentors have set aside time in their busy schedule to meet one on one with each first year student for at least an hour. In student development theory, we recognize that this is the most difficult time for students getting adjusted to college life, roommates, relationships, peer pressure and grades. The mentors have done a fantastic job of providing a positive outlet for students as well as campus resources to address concerns or issues. This time has also allowed the LEAD Scholars program staff to identify any student who might be at risk for academic or personal issues. The mentors are true advocate for their fellow Knights.”

LEAD Scholars Peer Mentors:
• Kailyn Baker
• Jammal Cooks
• Alyssa Daniello
• Casey Field
• Veronica Gaudier
• Shannon Hassett
• Christopher Howard
• Adrian Isberto
• Jafar Karim
• Taylor Jones
• Megan Loibl
• Ashley Long
• Amy Maitner
• Allysia Mompoint
• Christina Parker
• Meneftha Pierre
• Christian Pilato
• Alexis Plater
• Leah Rapp
• Andres Rodriguez-Campbell
• William Scott
• Joshua Goodridge

To learn more about UCF Cares, visit: cares.sdes.ucf.edu.