The New York Times featured UCF’s Richard Lapchick on the front page of its sports section today. Lapchick is the director for the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

In Richard Lapchick’s long battle against racial bias in sports, numbers have been his oral weapon of choice, reliable and irrefutable, though admittedly not the most effective means of commanding a room.

“Because I use a lot of statistics when I speak and that can bore people, sometimes I need to get their attention first,” said Lapchick, the author of the widely quoted racial and gender report cards that study hiring practices of professional and amateur sports.

At the outset of a September panel discussion on global multiculturalism in sports at the World Diversity Leadership Summit in Harlem, Lapchick introduced himself as he often does, with a haunting tale he once could not speak of without his heart racing to the point that he thought he might die.

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