In 2020, UCF launched the PeerKnights Coaching Program that enlists students to help fellow students by providing comprehensive support, engagement and resources to undergraduates both in-person and virtually. General and specialized peer coaching options meet the individual needs and interests of students.

“We know that when students have academic support, they are more likely to complete their degree program,” says Theodorea Regina Berry, vice provost for Student Learning and Academic Success (SLAS) and Dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies. “We created the PeerKnights program to introduce them to a fellow student who will share their experiences and will help them engage in academic and social activities.”

Once a student has enrolled in the PeerKnights Coaching Program, they are matched with a peer coach who will help them build a customized plan to make the most of their time at UCF. By meeting with the same coach, they’ll build a relationship that will help the student remain on track and make changes as needed.

To provide the best guidance to students, SLAS has coaches for trained in several key areas:

FTIC, Transfer and All-Around PeerKnights coaches provide one-on-one coaching on a variety of topics including navigating UCF, discovering educational resources and services and identifying academic and social engagement opportunities. To facilitate student success, students will meet with the same coach throughout the academic year.

HIP PeerKnights coaches help students engage in high-impact practices such as internships, study abroad and undergraduate research. Coaches are participating in these types of programs and will help students explore options and get involved.

Major Exploration PeerKnights coaches, part of the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center, understand that declaring or changing a major can seem daunting. They were once in this position. Leveraging their experiences, coaches will help undeclared students and those exploring majors to identify their interests, goals, and strengths and select a study field.

Pre-Grad PeerKnights, part of Academic Advancement Programs, help student navigate preparing for graduate school and the application process.

To help students understand the program and encourage them to participate, Student Learning and Academic Success will host information sessions between October 4-8.

Students can also email with questions about the program and to schedule an appointment.