Political science and English major Matthew McCann and political science and advertising/public relations major Adam Brock were ready to represent and serve UCF students when they were officially sworn in on May 10, 2011 as Student Government Association president and vice president respectively.

In 2008-09, both McCann and Brock began working together in the SGA judicial branch. Since then, they have each chaired or served on many committees, and now, they are working together again to redefine the UCF campus experience in the SGA executive branch.

SDES asked McCann-Brock what did their slogan “possibility redefined” meant to them. McCann responded, “We wanted to make sure when we came into this role to look at the opportunities that exist and relay that information to students. We then wanted to engage the student body, seeking their input so that we may work as a team to successfully accomplish all of the great opportunities students of the future will come to expect. There is no such thing as impossible when you are dealing with some of the brightest minds in academia.”

McCann-Brock would like to extend the concept of the All Knight Study and offer SGA services like express printing and ticket distribution. “Not only will it be an extension of All Knight Study but an extension of the SGA office in another area of campus that is highly trafficked,” said McCann.

They will also continue the Knight Lynx program as well as the Student Outreach Services program. Brock who served on the former Kilbride-Lochrane’s cabinet developed the Knight Lynx program, UCF’s late night bus service. “We plan to restructure the program for maximum efficiency and maybe even expand it before the term is up,” said Brock.

“It’s important to include our brand new OSI Student Outreach Services, a central hub to Rosen, all Regionals as well as the Graduate Student Center…seeing that program grow and how much influence they are going to have in years to come is just great.”

The following are just a very few initiatives and expansions of services:

  • Bring the $1 Red Box DVD rentals to campus
  • Advocate to extend wireless internet throughout all on-campus residence communities
  • Increase the quantity of free football and basketball tickets for students
  • Create a Smartphone application containing information on all campus events and other information.
  • In addition, McCann-Brock wants to introduce an interest free student loan program similar to one at the University of Florida. “If a student gets a flat tire and needs a quick loan but doesn’t get paid until the end of the week. . .this program is convenient to students,” said Brock. “They can quickly pay it back. It is these little things students care and want,” said Brock.

    McCann-Brock made it visibly known they would like to work on redefining and establishing traditions at UCF when they placed a large photo collage, “Create Tradition Here,” across Qdoba restuarant in the Student Union. “We want to create an atmosphere where students want to come back after they graduate especially when they go alumni status,” says McCann. They want to create memorable tailgates and “take them to the next level.” They are accepting applications for their team tailgates, another mentorship program where students will learn what goes into creating tailgates, and in turn, students will offer their ideas.

    It is important for the McCann-Brock administration to improve communications with all students. They plan to not only have a table at the Student Union but have a presence outside the library, every academic college and at the Regional Campuses.

    SGA already has a form online for questions or concerns. The administration also plans to use service survey models when they can’t necessary talk to students face-to-face. Working closely with the Office of Student Involvement, they will have access to the Student Voice software “to better gage where student interest lies.”

    McCann-Brock selected their cabinet carefully. They want their cabinet members to be knowledgeable and effective communicators to assist students. “SGA is like a giant switchboard,” Brock said. “We’re here to plug students into information in every area they need.” McCann added, “What Adam and I would like to see upcoming is each cabinet member to attend one registered student organization meeting,” With a SGA member present, he or she can notify the organization of an upcoming budget meeting and seek guidance from SGA to work and make changes necessary.

    Being inclusive to all students and accountable for the $17M budget is significantly important to this administration. “By including the budget online, students will have an understanding exactly what we spend,” says McCann. “They can come prepared to voice their concern about something they would like to see changed. Our budget committee meeting is open to all students.”

    “This is our year to redefine that student experience that Adam and I want to see on campus,” said McCann. “We have an excellent team of high-caliber student leaders who are going to work diligently together to make sure we reach out to students and that they leave campus with an understanding that we did have a genuine vested interest in their well-being.”