As enrollment continues to grow at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, so does its support from industry partners. Premier Beverage Company, one of Florida’s largest fine wine wholesale distributers, recently donated 1,860 bottles of product to allow the college to offer more fine wine courses to accommodate its increasing student body.

Premier Beverage Company and UCF’s Rosen College partnered in 2011 to allow up to 450 students a year to take courses that focused on the historical, geographical and technical components of fine wines. The substantial 67 percent increased contribution from Premier Beverage Company now allows the college to support more than 750 students throughout the academic year.

“In looking over the wine list, I am very impressed with not only the quantity, but also the quality and breadth of product that Premier Beverage has generously donated to our program,” said Dr. Frank Juge, a UCF Rosen College professor. “It reflects their continued support of our college and curriculum, as well as their commitment to educating the future hospitality leaders of the world in fine wines.”

According to Juge, “approximately one third of the profit from restaurants is generated from wine sales, and in order for our students to become effective managers of such restaurants, it is essential for Hospitality Management and Restaurant & Foodservice Management majors to understand fine wines and food pairings.”

“Premier Beverage Company is a proud partner of this institute of higher learning, and we look forward to continue taking an active role in the education of these future leaders,” said Eric Pfeil, executive vice president of Premier Beverage Company.

Premier Beverage is one of the largest distributors of wines, spirits and other beverages in Florida, representing some of the most valuable and well-known consumer brands in the world. The company’s mission is to be the distributor of choice for its suppliers, customers, associates, industry, and community.