The public is invited to playtest the latest in-progress video games from students at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, UCF’s graduate video game development program.

Play the games, meet the developers and shape the games with your feedback at FIEA’s playtesting session, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, June 27, in room 221AB of the Student Union located on UCF’s East Orlando campus.

The three games being tested are:

–Dead West, a Survival Action RPG set in the dying days of the Old West. Jack Dixon must use his expert gun slinging skills to defend his camp against the relentless hordes of possessed carnival workers he once knew.

–Nexus, a 3rd person action/adventure game set in a mysterious underground city beneath an ancient temple. The player obtains an alien power that allows them to manipulate the mass of objects in an effort to solve puzzles, traverse the environment, and fight enemies.

–Scarfell, where the world has been consumed by a malevolent darkness, and you possess its last light and only hope of survival. Guide your torch through a sinister environment and protect it from assailing enemies to restore light to the world and end its curse.

Contact for information on the playtesting. For more on FIEA, go to