First time in college students participated in over 30 events including the semi-annual LINK Amazing Race during Pegasus Palooza. The LINK Amazing Race is a 10-stop scavenger hunt where students race in teams around campus to answer challenge questions and find campus resources which exemplify tenants of the Ultimate Knight. The event has become a “rite of passage” for many students to participate in during their first week. Despite strong winds and heavy rain, over 30 teams competed in the race and claimed their LINK shirts, while the top three finishing teams won UCF spirit gear and Knight Rave VIP Passes as prizes.

This year’s winning team proudly sprinted to the finish, with another team close behind. The second place team who had just met each other, immediately made plans to attend Knight Rave together with their VIP Passes. Shanna Davis, a previous winner, said “After I completed the race; I made new friends, found campus resources, and could navigate my way to class without getting lost.”

The LINK Amazing Race not only helps students learn about the UCF community by finding campus resources, but helps students build a community of fellow freshmen.

FYE, an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services, hosted the LINK Amazing Race.