The University of Central Florida was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Model Program. The Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES) REAL Project’s substance use prevention and intervention services and the Clinical Psychology SURG lab (Substance Use Research Group) were recognized as a Model of Exemplary, Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program on College Campuses. This is not the first  time SDES has been recognized for leadership in prevention and intervention services. In 2008, the REAL Project was the only program in the country recognized for Prevention Excellence by Outside the Classroom.

This year, the Department of Education recognized the REAL Project and the SURG Lab as the only Exemplary Program among the grantees. The Department of Education defines an Exemplary program as: A program that has a strong theoretical base and demonstrated effectiveness in reducing alcohol or other drug abuse among college students or reducing problems resulting from alcohol or other drug use among college students, using a research design of the highest quality.

The REAL Project and the SURG lab were recognized for their theory to practice efforts in developing evidence-based intervention strategies. Research conducted by Clinical Psychology faculty was successfully implemented by the REAL Project clinicians and peer facilitators. As an Exemplary site, UCF is expected to disseminate its findings and provide technical assistance to colleges and universities throughout the country.

The following universities join the prestigious ranks of current and previous model grantees:

  • University of Central Florida, Exemplary
  • University of Houston, Effective
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Promising
  • University of Missouri, Promising
  • University of Nebraska, Promising
  • SDES continues to be a leader in providing student-centered services that empower students to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

    “This recognition is possible because of the leadership and support of the REAL Project by Maribeth Ehasz [vice president for SDES] and Mark Allen Poisel [associate vice president for SDES],” stated Tom Hall, director for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Intervention Services. “We are very proud of the designation as an exemplary program, especially in light of the other universities mentioned.”

    Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Intervention Services in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.