The traditional Student Government Association vs. Student Development and Enrollment Services kickball game took place on July 29 at the Intramural Sports Turf Field at RWC Park and for the second straight year, SDES came out victorious.

All participants braved the scorching summer heat and enjoyed a great afternoon of camaraderie and friendly, athletic competition. SGA jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first inning, but Michael Preston (Office of Student Involvement) kicked a two-run homerun to get the lead for SDES.

SDES would increase their lead with runs in each inning of the game, as Matthew Betz (OSI) and Amr Abdel-Wahab (Registrar’s Office) both drove in runs off of a host of SGA pitchers, including President Matthew McCann and Vice President Adam Brock. SDES was paced defensively by Chad Morgan (RWC) in centerfield and Gary Cahen (RWC) who pitched all seven innings for the 15-2 victory.

Everyone had fun and enjoyed the traditional challenge.