Beginning this December, UCF will recognize Sindlinger’s many contributions to the campus by annually awarding the “Dr. Judith Sindlinger Outstanding New Advisor Award.”  Each year, UCF’s Academic Advising Council will present the award to an adviser who has been employed at UCF for three years or less and has made outstanding contributions to her or his advising office.

The award is a fitting honor for Sindlinger, who has been devoted to the promotion of professional academic advising. She was instrumental in developing the Academic Advising Council and served as its first chair. She also helped develop the Advisor Enhancement Program and create career levels for academic advising positions at UCF.

In 2006, Sindlinger received the Academic Advising Administrator Award from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) in recognition of her service and contributions to advising at UCF.

Shortly before her retirement, Sindlinger and her husband, Stephan Sindlinger, contributed $25,000 to UCF to establish the “Dr. Judith A. Sindlinger Professional Development Endowment.”  The fund will exist in perpetuity, and each year a portion of the annual earnings will be used to support the professional development of advisers in the college’s Undergraduate Student Services office.

The advising staff has already benefitted from the Sindlingers’ generosity. “Funds from the endowment helped defray the costs of our advisers attending the annual NACADA conference this fall,” said Pam Kirby, associate dean for undergraduate studies and interim chair of the Department of Legal Studies. “The college is extremely proud of Judy’s contributions and grateful for this tremendous gift on behalf of our advisers.”