Calling all dames & gentlemen! UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management invites you to experience the glamour of Hollywood, the jazz of New Orleans, and the mobster-filled speakeasies of Chicago in the 1920’s, as Event Management II students host the third annual Cabaret & Cabernet (Cab & Cab) event on Saturday, April 21. This year’s installment of the all student-produced epicurean event offers its guests a taste of the 1920’s, as they will journey through three cities, four courses of gourmet food and wine pairings, and live entertainment that highlights the best of the era.

“This year’s Cab & Cab is going to be focused on three American cities with rich cultures in the 1920’s,” said Brianna Hartigan, a Rosen College senior graduating this May with a double major in Event Management and Hospitality Management. “We are taking guests to the heart of this era and are immersing them in that setting. It will be an interactive experience for our guests, as they will not only be observing the atmosphere, but actually feel as though they are at an exclusive 1920’s party in each of these cities.”

Under the guidance of Instructor Suzan Bunn, students will transform the Rosen College campus into an unforgettable evening of food, wine and live Broadway-inspired performances.

Bunn’s Event Management II class is responsible for organizing and producing the event, while the culinary efforts will be provided by Chef Renee Bence and Chef Jay Judy’s Food Preparation for Catered Events class. The event’s entertainment will also showcase musical and vocal talent from throughout the UCF community.

Tickets to Cab & Cab are now on sale for $65, which includes event admission, parking, food, wine and entertainment. Proceeds will support the Rosen College Event Department. A limited amount of tickets will be sold, so secure your tickets today at

The UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management is located at 9907 Universal Blvd. in Orlando, FL.

For more event information, e-mail