Every time you see a Knight run out onto the field or court in uniform, every time a player takes a towel during a timeout, you’re seeing the work of Robert Jones, Director of Equipment Operations, and his team. Since 2002, Jones has tackled the equipment necessities for all of UCF’s athletic teams. The towels alone that hit the daily wash are enough to make the average jock’s sports socks spin. Jones’s team, however, is anything but average.

Jones’ game days often begin at the crack of dawn and end when others are snoring or blissfully dreaming about that thrilling, last-minute touchdown. He’s the first to arrive at that away-game hotel and often the first to appear at the stadium. And after 31 years in this business, he has never missed a deadline when it comes to having the cleats, shoulder pads, helmets, and yes, jock straps on the truck and on hand for the Knights heading in to battle.

“Game day happens whether you’re ready or not. Every sport has its unique needs, wants, pressures and deadlines. The passion I have for my job and UCF help me handle the fast pace. When you love what you do, the rest is easy.”