The team that raised funds and awareness for the Halifax Humane Society (HSS) was selected as the winners of a new competition designed to highlight thecontributions that College of Business Administration students made to our community this past semester.

“Knights to the Rescue,” based from the UCF Daytona campus, raised $3,119.12 worth of cash, pet food, and supplies for the HSS. Additionally, they led numerous events educating people about the dangers of pet overpopulation and fostered sustainability by obtaining ongoing agreements with several Daytona hotels to donate gently used towels to line pet cages and keep animals warm. Winning team members included: Jake GoodyearAshley HamSteve KlingJennifer LynchWinter McNairAaron PrestonDiane Raines and Abbey Worden.

The competition was comprised of students enrolled in the Cornerstone Course (GEB 3031). Nearly 200 teams of 1,400 students presented their final team projects during their lab sessions. From that group, teams were selected to participate in the semifinal round and six teams advanced to the finals. The student teams presented in front of judges from UCF as well as the business community. In addition to “Knights to the Rescue,” five other semifinalist teams included: BASE: Prom Rocks, Helping Hearts, Jazmine’s Genies, Starry Knights Entertainment and Team CF UCF.

The Cornerstone Course stresses professionalism and teamwork, and enhances presentation and social entrepreneurial skills. Students enrolled in the course are required to participate in a service learning project with a nonprofit organization. The presentations were a result of their semester-long work with the organization. Including cash, donated food and supplies, donated professional services, volunteer time and cash-equivalents, students enrolled in the Cornerstone Course contribute approximately $740,000 to our local community per calendar year.

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