Four UCF student teams will face off in the Joust New Venture Competition Thursday, April 11. With $50,000 on the line, the entrepreneurial students will present business proposals in industries ranging from insurance to cybersecurity before a panel of judges in a Shark Tank-style showdown starting at 2 p.m. at the Celeste Hotel on UCF’s main campus. The event is free and open to the public.

The Joust New Venture Competition is UCF’s premier startup showcase event hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in UCF’s College of Business and the Blackstone Launchpad. The event celebrates student entrepreneurs from various majors and all types of venture proposals, introducing them to community leaders and providing key resources to help launch their ventures. Competitors present their models for a viable business and compete to win money and other vital resources to pursue their venture. Previous competitors have gone on to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank and have launched successful businesses.

A panel of expert professionals representing corporate partners, area businesses and alumni will assess the students’ business plans. This year’s final judges will be Jacques Fu ’08, founder of PETE Learning; Kevin Miller, president and CEO of Addition Financial; Mark Norato ’91, vice president of North American Partners in Anesthesia; Michael O’Donnell ’09, founder and CEO of MOD Ventures LLC; John Paccione ’95, president of Red Horse Ventures; and Edward Schons, former president of the Florida High Tech Corridor and assistant vice president for University Relations at UCF.

Advancing beyond a roster of 16 semifinalists, here are the four teams competing in the Joust finals:

CyberColosseum Solutions

Team members: Harrison Keating, Noah Magill and Joshua Walsworth

CyberColosseum is a dynamic training platform that immerses information security teams in realistic cyber warfare scenarios. Facing simulations of real-world threat actors like those behind major breaches, a team can hone their skills in a custom environment that mirrors their company’s infrastructure. Unlike static content that quickly becomes outdated, this platform delivers up-to-date threats in a high-stakes practice setting. The mission: equip teams to defend against cyber threats and safeguard companies from becoming the next victim.

Emergency Insights

Team members: Aref Abdala, Sonia Alvarez, Javier Arocha and Julio Wall Chirinos

Emergency Insights revolutionizes hazard risk mitigation by providing precise assessments for both individuals and counties. For users, it offers insights into property risks, aiding in informed decisions about purchases and disaster preparedness. The annual hazard reports assist counties in strategic planning and resource allocation. Unlike existing solutions, Emergency Insights will provide up-to-date data, comprehensive coverage and user-friendly accessibility at an affordable price.

Unbound Disability Claims

Team members: Samson Lachman, Amanda McDonald and Alyssa Wilbanks

Imagine facing a shocking cancer diagnosis after seeking treatment for stomach pain, leading to job loss and financial strain. Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) becomes a daunting task, taking hours to complete online only to be denied after months of waiting. Appeals bring no relief as savings dwindle, debts mount and health deteriorates. This struggle is all too common for 62% of SSD applicants. The solution: the Disability Claim Builder, which streamlines the process to secure faster approvals and much-needed benefits, much like what TurboTax does for people filing their taxes.

ZuLeris Interactive

Team members: Liam Etan, Jacob Noel and Zackary Zuniga

ZuLeris creates interactive electromagnetic warfare virtual training environments (VTE) to supplement live learning systems. In this constructive VTE, users can educate, train, and rehearse scenarios to accelerate learning and achieve superiority in their field.

Visit the Joust Competition website to sign up to attend.