Confused and anxious about your first week of college?

Fear not, new Knights: Here are handy tips that will have you navigating campus like a pro, from finding your class on the first day, to knowing which garage always has a spot, to checking your grades with an app.


Parking can be tough during the first two weeks of the semester, when new students are still learning where they’re going. It helps if you get used to the fact that UCF is a big university with lots of buildings. It’s not a convenience store; you shouldn’t expect to park 10 feet from the front door of your first class.

Knowing your way around will make it easier. Consider parking in Garage A or Libra Garage, which nearly always have space available. Or try Lot E4, a Park and Ride lot at the softball stadium across from Bright House Networks Stadium (you’ll still need a campus parking permit for this lot). A Park and Ride shuttle runs continuously between Lot E4 and the shuttle stop near the Health and Public Affairs buildings, with pickups every 15 minutes.

Don’t forget: To park on campus, you need a parking permit.


If you haven’t already, download the newly redesigned UCF Mobile app for IOS or Android on your smartphone. Launch the app and you’ll find a treasure trove of information that will put you two steps ahead. Within the app, tap the “Maps” icon to find any building on campus and walking directions on how to get there. Or tap the “Shuttles” icon to find the exact location of the shuttle you’re waiting for via GPS tracking. Or tap the “Webcourses” icon to check your grades. Or “Calendar” to find out about upcoming concerts, career fairs and more.

Navigating Campus

The first two days of the fall semester, you can find helpful people at key spots around campus. These Campus Locator tents will be staffed by UCF employees and student leaders who can answer questions, provide directions and give you a map. Look for them on the sidewalk by Garage I and the Education Building; Memory Mall by the Veterans Commemorative Site; the side of the Reflecting Pond closest to Howard Phillips Hall; and the courtyard north of Ferrell Commons, near the Mathematical Sciences Building.

Fun for New Knights

Convocation: The Knighting is the official university welcome for new, first-year and transfer students alike. Held the Sunday before fall classes begin, President John C. Hitt and other administrators join current students, Knightro and others at this exciting and motivational event to kick off your academic journey. This year, UCF’s Creed will be featured as we celebrate its 15th anniversary.

As UCF’s official welcome week, Pegasus Palooza returns with a week full of social, academic and service activities for students to become acquainted with the UCF campus, meet people and simply have fun. Check out the full schedule of events at