Several  University of Central Florida staff and faculty members were recently honored by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) as some of the nation’s top academic advisors of 2012. The four employees and one college, which will be honored at the national conference in Nashville in October, are:

Angela Ritten, a faculty member in the College of Nursing, who was the recipient of a Certificate of Merit in the category of Faculty New Advisor.

Jesse Sunski, coordinator of Freshman Explorations in First Year Advising and Explorations, who was honored as an outstanding new advisor in the category of New Advisor-Primary Role.

Kristen Schellhase, director of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training program and interim director of the Health Professions department, who received a Certificate of Merit in the category of faculty advisor.

Layla Archer, assistant director of Undergraduate Student Services in the College of Health & Public Affairs, who was recognized as a top advisor in the category for employees whose primary role is advising.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science, which earned a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Program for their Academic Alert program.