The American Society of Public Administration has selected Jeremy Hall of the School of Public Administration at UCF as one of two new editors-in-chief of Public Administration Review, the nation’s top journal in public administration research, theory and practice.

Hall and Paul Battaglio of the University of Texas at Dallas will lead the journal from 2018 to 2020. They will share full supervisory and editorial roles of the publication.

“[Their] selection is the culmination of a rigorous, competitive process that reflects the stature and reputation of ASPA’s flagship journal,” ASPA President Susan Gooden said. “It also reflects the expertise, creativity and enthusiasm that Paul and Jeremy will bring to the position — skills that will enable them to build on the current editorial team’s successes and take PAR to even greater heights.”

Public Administration Review is a bimonthly publication with more than 12,000 institutional and individual sponsors. The journal sits atop Google Scholar’s Public Policy and Administration rankings and has jumped 10 spots in Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports. Its articles were downloaded nearly 1 million times in 2015 alone.

Hall and Battaglio will work with their predecessor, James Perry, distinguished professor emeritus at Indiana University, over the next year on publication, timeline and other transition matters.

“We are responsible for producing the first issue of 2018, which means we technically begin on July 1, 2017, and we will be busy building our team until then,” said Hall, who joined the UCF faculty as professor of public administration this fall. “We are excited to expand the topical scope of the journal to be more representative, and to continue to find ways to increase the journal’s impact and recognition.”

Naim Kapucu, director of the School of Public Administration, considers Hall’s selection to co-lead the journal to be an “amazing accomplishment” and a source of pride for UCF as it becomes a home institution for the nation’s premier journal in public administration.

The School of Public Administration has a longstanding relationship with the American Society of Public Administration. Professor Kuotsai Tom Liou served as president of the society from 2012-13, and three other former ASPA presidents taught public administration at UCF during their careers. Currently, Kapucu and Associate Professor Thomas Bryer are editorial board members and newly hired Associate Professor Deborah Carroll is an associate editor for Public Administration Review.