Fifteen faculty members were inducted Tuesday as the 2019 class of the UCF Scroll & Quill Society, recognizing those who have sustained scholarly achievements at the university for at least 10 years.

Their work ranges from reproductive health, to racial inequality, to thermodynamics and other fields.

“Because of our faculty we are able to achieve far-reaching impact, from increasing abilities and success of students through education, to boosting the success of our entire region through partnerships. The Scroll and Quill society recognizes the significant work of our faculty,” says Jana Jasinski, vice provost for Faculty Excellence.

The scroll in the organization’s name represents research, and the quill represents creative achievements such as published books and plays

The 2019 inductees are:

  • Jeffrey Bedwell – associate professor, Psychology
  • Penny Beile – university librarian
  • James Scott Carter – associate professor, Sociology
  • Shannon Carter – associate professor, Sociology
  • Lin Huff-Corzine – professor, Sociology
  • Nathan Holic – associate lecturer, Writing and Rhetoric
  • Alain Kassab – UCF Trustee chair and Pegasus Professor
  • Ann Miller – professor, Communication
  • Enrique Ortiz – associate professor, School of Teacher Education
  • Shelley Park – professor, Philosophy
  • Kerry Purmensky – associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Yongho Sohn – Pegasus Professor and Lockheed Martin Professor of Engineering
  • Judit Szente – professor, Early Childhood Education
  • Terry Thaxton – professor, English
  • Natalie Underberg-Goode – associate professor, Games and Interactive Media

Read about the inductees and their work.