Affectionately known as the “Battle of the Brains,” the 34th World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) brings together the top 103 teams from universities around the world to build systems to solve problems modeled after real-world business challenges such as cracking complex password codes or re-architecting space plans. These problems are designed to challenge the students’ problem-solving skills and business acumen–key skills sought after by global employers in the new information technology (IT) workforce. The contest requires students to focus on open technology and advanced computing methods.

The teams prepare for months to cover a semester’s worth of knowledge while performing under a grueling five-hour deadline in hopes of claiming the “World’s Smartest Trophy.”  The team that solves the most problems correctly in the least time will emerge as champions, earning scholarships, bragging rights, and prizes from IBM, which include great visibility with potential employers–even IBM itself.

UCF is one of 21 institutions from the United States. Other institutions include:

  1. Carnegie Mellon
  2. Cornell
  3. Stanford
  4. MIT
  5. Illinois
  6. Maryland
  7. Nebraska
  8. Rochester
  9. Columbia
  10. Duke
  11. Harvey Mudd
  12. Northwestern
  13. Texas
  14. Michigan
  15. Kentucky
  16. FIT
  17. Virginia
  18. Wisconsin
  19. North Texas
  20. Chicago

UCF wishes all participants good luck!