Students will learn about the risks associated with alcohol and driving during a DUI expo to be held Wednesday, Nov. 18.

The expo will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. near the Recreation and Wellness Center. The event, organized by the UCF Police Department, will include several demonstrations to educate students about how alcohol, drugs and distraction affect their abilities.

UCF Police officers will operate SIDNE, a go-cart simulator that shows how impairment and distraction impact the ability to drive. Students also can try on “drunk goggles”—which distort vision and perception in the same way alcohol can—while UCFPD officers conduct DUI field sobriety exercises.

Other demonstrations include:

  • Students can tour the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s mobile breath testing center, commonly called the BAT mobile. The BAT mobile is used during special details to test drivers believed to be impaired.
  • Orange County Fire Rescue will display a wrecked vehicle that showcases the potential effects of texting while driving.
  • Representatives from Mothers Against Distracted Driving, or MADD, UCF Student Legal Services, and UCF Wellness & Health Promotion Services will provide information and materials.
  • The approaching holiday season can be a dangerous time on the road. Officers around the state will have resources dedicated to looking for drivers who appear to be impaired, and UCFPD hopes Wednesday’s event serves as a reminder to plan ahead for a safe way home if alcohol will be involved with holiday celebrations.

    Since April, UCFPD and OCSO have partnered on SNAP, short for Sector II Noise and Alcohol Patrol, which targets dangerous drinking and partying behavior in the UCF area. The detail aims to reduce crime associated with these behaviors and change the mindset of illegal and irresponsible drinking.