Faculty and staff members were recognized today for their milestone years of service to UCF and granted emeritus status during the Founders’ Day ceremony.

Recognition of Service to the University, 20 Years of Service:

  • College of Arts & Humanities: Charlie Abraham, Mark Brotherton, James Campbell, Nora Lee Garcia, Lisa M. Logan, Humberto Lopez Cruz, Kevin Meehan and Hong Zhang.
  • College of Business Administration: Richard Ajayi, Lynn Becker and Charles Viggiano.
  • College of Education & Human Performance: Glenda Gunter and Mary W. Little.
  • College of Engineering & Computer Science: W. Linwood Jones.
  • College of Health & Public Affairs: Thomas Falen, K. Tom Liou, Melvin Rogers, Timothy Rotarius and Lawrence A. West.
  • College of Medicine: Karl X. Chai and Ratna Chakrabarti.
  • College of Sciences: George Begley, Jay Corzine, Teresa A. Dorman, Barbara Fritzsche, Lin Huff-Corzine, Alexander Katsevich, Alexander Tovbis, Laurence vonKalm, Linda Walters, Bruce M. Wilson and Cherie Yestrebsky.
  • Division of Information Technologies & Resources: Peter Spyers-Duran, Barry Baker, Cynthia M. Kisby and Ying Zhang.
  • Office of Research & Commercialization: Eric Martin.
  • Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Jill Fjelstul.
  • Recognition of Service to the University, 30 Years of Service:

  • Burnett Honors College, Alvin Wang.
  • College of Arts & Humanities: Anna Lillios.
  • College of Business Administration: Bradley Braun.
  • College of Engineering & Computer Science: Narsingh Deo, Ahmad Elshennawy, Michael Georgiopoulos, Avelino Gonzalez, Juin Liou, Mubarak Shah and Kalpathy Sundaram.
  • College of Health & Public Affairs: Jay Jurie.
  • College of Optics & Photonics: David Hagan and Eric Vanstryland.
  • Office of Research & Commercialization: Mary Huggins, MJ Soileau and Muthusamy Swami.
  • Recognition of Service to the University, 40 Years of Service:

  • Lewis Worrell, College of Health & Public Affairs
  • Recognition of Service to the University, 45 Years of Service:

  • Michael Hynes, College of Education & Human Performance
  • Retired and Retiring Faculty:

  • College of Arts & Humanities: Kathleen Bell, Harry S. Coverston, Lani M. Harris, Kevin Herlihy, Thomas R. Kesler, Francis J. Martin Jr. and Kathryn L. Seidel.
  • College of Business Administration: Kathie K. Holland, Robert L. Pennington Jr., Carol Saunders, Stanley Smith and Karl M. Sooder.
  • College of Education & Human Performance: Thomas M. Brewer, Darlene Circle, Janet M. Zajac, Sheau-Dong Lang, Antonio Minardi and Samuel Richie.
  • College of Health & Public Affairs: Robert H. Langworthy.
  • College of Medicine: Robert Gennaro.
  • College of Nursing: Linda M. Hennig and Betty W. Mayer.
  • College of Sciences: Gerald Arthur Mattson, Delbert Howard Miles, Susan Schott and Oleksandr Zhmudskyy.
  • Information Technologies & Resources: Harold D. Mendelsohn and James E. Neighbor.
  • Office of Research & Commercialization: Neil A. Moyer and Ronald W. Tarr.
  • Thirteen UCF faculty members were granted emeritus status .

    The status is awarded to faculty and administrators who have worked at the university for at least five years. The title honors the contributions and distinction they achieved at the university, and grants them a lifetime link to UCF.

    College of Arts & Humanities

    Richard Crepeau has been at the University of Central Florida since 1972. He is a history professor and the former president of the North American Society for Sports History. In addition to teaching courses in 20th century U.S. history, sports history and the history of baseball, Crepeau has authored Baseball: America’s Diamond Mind, Melbourne Village: The First Twenty-Five Years, and NFL Football: A History of America’s New National Pastime. Crepeau provided commentary on sport and society on WUCF-FM for more than five years.

    Husain Kassim has been an associate professor of philosophy and religion at UCF since 1970. He has served as both the director of Asian Studies (1988-1997) and director of Religious Studies (1978-88) and more recently as director of Middle Eastern Studies (2005-11). He is the author of four books, Islamic Societies, Legitimizing Modernity in Islam, Aristotle and Aristotelianism in Medieval Philosophy and Sarakhsi: The doctrine of Juristic Preference.

    College of Arts & Sciences

    Kathryn L Seidel served as dean of College of Arts and Sciences from 1996-2006. She has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Lectureship twice in her career and has published in the area of women writers and literature of the American South. She is the author of The Southern Belle in the American Novel and co-editor of Zora in Florida. She has also worked as a journalist and technical writer. Seidel currently researches Florida writers, nature writing in the South, and popular cultural images of Americans.

    College of Business Administration

    Carol Saunders has been a professor of management information systems at the UCF since 2001. She has received lifetime accomplishment awards from two disciplines: the LEO Award in the Information Systems discipline and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the OCIS Division of the Academy of Management. Saunders is a distinguished Fulbright Scholar at the Wirtschafts Universitat in Wien, Austria, and also held a Professional Fulbright with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute. She has published in management, IS, computer science and communication journals. She serves on several editorial boards including Organization Science and also is an Association of Information Systems Fellow and a Schoeller Senior Fellow.

    Stanley Smith a professor of finance since 1996 has also served as SunTrust Chair of Banking of UCF’s College of Business-Finance until 2007. He has taught in the areas of commercial bank management, financial institutions and markets at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Smith was awarded UCF’s Financial Management Association Professor of the Year Award, UCF Research Incentive Award and the Galloway Service Award for UCF Finance Department.

    College of Education & Human Performance

    Thomas M Brewer served as a UCF representative board member to the Florida Higher Education Arts Network for nine years. He has taught in the College of Education for more than 15 years and served as coordinator of art education. Brewer was twice awarded the UCF Teaching Incentive Award and Research Incentive Award.

    College of Engineering & Computer Science

    David Cooper, a professor of engineering in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has taught nearly 20 different courses. In addition to teaching and supervising numerous doctoral and master’s students, Cooper wrote an internationally used textbook called Air Pollution Control–A Design Approach. Cooper he has been a principal investigator or co-PI on more than 35 research contracts worth more than $3.6 million in funding for UCF.

    Donald Malocha, a professor in the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, has been at UCF since 1982. Malocha has published more than 150 professional articles and holds six patents, with one in progress. He has been the principal investigator for about $4.5 million of external research contracts and grants. Malocha has received multiple awards, including the UCF Distinguished Researcher of the Year and the UCF Research Incentive Award.

    Samuel Richie has been at UCF since his undergraduate days in the 1980s and has received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering. Richie has been awarded twice for Professor of the Year in the by the UCF chapter of Tau Beta Pi of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Richie has served as the associate chair and as undergraduate coordinator of the electrical engineering and computer engineering programs while also being an associate professor. He has served on multiple university and department committees including the UCF Faculty Senate and the UCF Licensing, Patents and Copyrights Committee. Richie has published more than 31 professional articles, holds eight copyrights and two patents, and has been either a principal or co-principal investigator for more than $600,000 of external research contracts and grants.

    College of Health & Public Affairs

     Robert Bohm has taught in the Department of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, since 1995. Bohm has been given multiple awards across the nation, including the Academy Fellow Award by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Bohm has served on a variety of committees in the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society of Criminology, and at UCF. Bohm has authored or co-authored more than 31 books, and produced several dozen books chapters and journal articles.

    Jane Lieberman was hired as professor and chair of the Department of Communication Services and Disorders in 2000. She served in that role until 2010 and remained on the department’s faculty until she retired in 2015. She continues to collaborate with faculty members and students on research projects, and does guest lectures for the department. She earned her doctorate in speech-language pathology at the University of Florida.

    College of Sciences

    Ida Cook first came to the University of Central Florida when it was Florida Technical University in 1976. In her 39 years at UCF, Cook has served as a member of the Board of Trustees; chair of the board’s Educational Programs Committee and as a faculty member in the Department of Sociology. Cook assisted in developing the master’s in applied sociology at UCF. Cook has served as both Faculty Senate chair and vice chair, and has been a member of several university and college committees.

    Robert Dipboye is a psychology professor and served as chair of the department from 2004 to 2011. Dipboye has published three books and over 50 articles and chapters. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the American Psychological Society.

    For the first time, UCF also recognized faculty members with 10 years of service as a faculty senator with the Faculty Senate Service Award. Provost A. Dale Whittaker presented the awards. The recipients were: Lee Armstrong, Kar-Heinrich Barsch, Mason Cash, Arlen Chase, Manoj Chopra, Christian Clausen, Newell Comish, Ida Cook, Glenn Cunningham, Paul Dombrowski, Fredrick Fedler, Lloyd Fernald, Robert Flick, Robert Folger, Stephen Goodman, Larry Holt, Rosie Joel, Jeffrey Kaplan, Husain Kassim, Charles Kelliher, Keith Koons, John Leeson, Patrick LiKamWa, John Lynxwiler, Linda Malone, Naval Modani, Jim Moharam, Bruce Pauley, Robert Pennington, C. Peter Rautenstrauch, Joseph Rusnock, Jose Sepulveda, Mark Stern, Kyle Phillip Taylor, Richard Tucker, Cory Watkins, Art Weeks, Henry Whittier and Diane Wink.