Eight UCF undergraduate students recently gathered at the state capitol in Tallahassee for the second annual Posters at the Capitol event, which ran in partnership with the UCF Student Government Association’s Day at the Capitol.

The SGA event allows students to meet with legislators to discuss key issues pertaining to the UCF student body and higher education in Florida.

Undergraduate researchers displayed their research projects April 8 through poster presentations for legislators and state officials to highlight the outstanding research being conducted at UCF and showcase the strengths of the university’s undergraduates. The event at the Capitol rotunda was followed by a reception hosted by the SGA.

“Talking to politicians was a different experience than talking with researchers,” said Brianna Williams, a researcher who presented her poster on providing relationship education services for male correctional inmates. “Whereas one would want to know my intro, methods, results and plans for the future, the other appeared more concerned about the affect it would have on society and their policies…It was interesting actually speaking with politicians and figuring out how to relate my research to the decisions they make for their policies.”

UCF sent students from a variety of research disciplines ranging from industrial engineering to psychology. For example, Jeremy Tran, a biomedical studies student, presented his research on the effect of Vitamin C in treating cancer, while other student presenters, such as Elizabeth Altamirano, a psychology major, explained her research on the risk factors associated with depression among Latino immigrants in Florida, and Thomas Carpino, a biology and mathematics major, examined the conservation of the endangered Key Ringneck Snake.

The Tallahassee event was sponsored by the SGA, Alumni Association, Academic Advancement Programs, Office of Undergraduate Research, and The Burnett Honors College.

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