In its ongoing efforts to make mathematical physics more understandable to the general public, the University of Central Florida Physics Department is hosting a lecture titled – “The Sound of the Beginning: Echoes of the Big Bang in the Night Sky.”

Beginning at 6 p.m., on Thursday, Nov. 17, Liam McAllister, a professor from Cornell University and leading expert on string theory, will answer questions like: What powered the Big Bang? How did galaxies come to be, and what explains the intricate patterns they form on the sky? He’ll also explain why anyone should care more about this Big Bang than the television comedy.

Mathematical physics is a theoretical science that uses advanced math to answer tough questions about nature. The lecture is part of the UCF Goldman Public Talk Series aimed at helping make mathematical physics more accessible to the general public. Stephen Goldman, a science activist and Orlando entrepreneur, funded the series, which began in 2008.

The event will be held in the Health and Public Affairs I building, room 125. Admission is free. For more information click here.