The University of Central Florida’s Young Investors Club (YIC) took home the $5,000 cash prize for winning the Motley Fool Campus Challenge. The club is now the first registered organization on campus that can trade and invest money as a club.

Kaley White, secretary of the club, says after earning the cash prize, “We’re going to start making a name for our club now.”

Chief Investment Officer Joey Solitro surely made a name for himself at the competition. Solitro crafted posts for the blogging network that were comprehensive research pieces in which he aggregated information from experience and personal research papers. Ultimately his dedication to the YIC’s success and his attention to detail bolstered UCF far beyond any of the other teams in the competition.

“It was an honor to represent UCF in the competition. We had a great time working with our current members, and we succeeded in all the right places. I am beyond thrilled we received the award and the $5,000 cash prize that will help out our club tremendously,” said Craig Bolz, club president.

The contest was free for anyone 18 and older and enrolled in the university. Only the contestants associated with an investing club and business entity were able to win the team prizes. The point system was broken down into three different categories; base points, bonus points, and double bonus points. These points were awarded based on the team’s participation in the Motley Fool Blogging Network. UCF earned a total of 267 points. The next closest team who placed was the University of Texas with 88 points. Needless to say, the Knights dominated the competition.

For more information on the Young Investors Club, visit their Facebook group.