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Spirit Spash

On Campus: Spring 2016

Photos: 20th anniversary of Spirit Splash, parents of Steven Sotloff speak to journalism students, C-SPAN bus on campus, and the Big Read
Spirit Spash
Spirit Splash 2
CSpan Bus
CSpan Bus 2
Big read

OCT. 20
Students charged into the Reflecting Pond in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Spirit Splash.

NOV. 18
Psychology professor Deborah Beidel talked to C-SPAN about the treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders.

FEB. 6
As part of the Big Read, children at the Midway Safe Harbor Community Center in Sanford, Florida, painted glass panels for a public art installation inspired by Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.

NOV. 16
Arthur and Shirley Sotloff spoke on campus about their son and former UCF student, Steven Sotloff, the journalist who was killed by the Islamic State group in 2014.