What if your company had the opportunity to crowdsource a business solution with hundreds of top business students?

This semester over 600 students at the University of Central Florida’s College of Business Administration were divided into teams to brainstorm strategic recommendations for Florida Blue. The teams pitched their plans to judges, with the top five teams competing in the finals.

“The Great Capstone Case Competition provides our students with an opportunity to draw from everything they have learned during their time here at UCF as well as any relevant extracurricular experience to resolve a real business problem faced by a real client,” said Aaron McKenny, Ph.D., coordinator of this semester’s competition.

1st Aid Strategy won first place in the competition. The team was managed by Christopher Leo and included:

  • Hailey Royal
  • Sophia Dunson
  • Brandon Fields
  • Cindy Rullan
  • Winelys Lopez
  • “Getting to be the leader of such a diverse team and winning the capstone competition was hands down the most rewarding experience of my collegiate career. We are so grateful to the College of Business and Florida Blue for the opportunity,” said winning team member Hailey Royal.

    Other finalists included:

    Knights Consulting, Inc. (managed by David Wo)

  • Anne Preuss
  • Julia Halstead
  • Nichole Johnson
  • Keven Lederman
  • Michael McCoy
  • Strategic Knights (managed by Sharon Sheridan)

  • Elise Anderson
  • Brandon Conte
  •  Connor McRoberts
  •  Heather Peterson
  • Contenders (managed by Michael Johnson)

  •  Rachel Cannon
  • Tyler Campillo
  •  Teresa Cookson
  • Brian Padarat
  •  Josef Shahda
  • Red Zone Consulting (managed by David Wo)

  • John King
  •  David Bargraser
  •  Ashley Jackson
  •  Joshua Jones
  •  Nikko Richardson
  • Judges for the competition included:

  • Javelyn Arvay (Florida Blue)
  • Ghada Baz
  • Bob Boettcher
  • Bob Case
  • Sophie Coello (Florida Blue)
  •  Cat DeCecco (Florida Blue)
  • Lauryn DeGeorge, Ed.D.
  • Matt Ferratusco
  • Rob Folger, Ph.D.
  • Cameron Ford, Ph.D.
  • Paul Gregg
  • Chris Hillier (Florida Blue)
  • Tony Jenkins (Florida Blue)
  • Chaim Letwin
  • Bob Porter, Ph.D.
  • Richard Quinn
  • Carol Saunders, Ph.D.
  • Yael Zemack-Rugar, Ph.D.