Today, UCF introduced its new academic calendar with accelerated terms. Starting this summer and fall, these terms will provide graduate and undergraduate students with additional scheduling flexibility and options to help them complete their degrees on time in a way that is most compatible with their lifestyle and aspirations.

Here are five things Knights need to know about accelerated terms:

1. New Session Options Are Being Added

The spring and fall semesters will include the traditional 16-week term (Session 1) and two new eight-week sessions. Session F is the first eight weeks, and Session G is the second eight weeks.

There are also two new intensive sessions. Maymester is a four-week session during the month of May and is part of the summer term. The asynchronous Winter Intersession (online only) takes place mid-December through early January and is part of the spring semester.

2. Initially, Courses Will Be Limited in the Accelerated Sessions.

Each college will decide which courses, if any, to offer in accelerated format. At first, courses offered in these new terms will be limited. Over time, colleges may increase the number of courses.

3. Accelerated Term Courses Cover the Same Materials as a Full Semester.

Due to the faster pace of learning and longer class times, accelerated courses will require more time, focus and effort than traditionally paced courses. Before registering for an accelerated course, students should talk with theiracademic success coaches (formerly academic advisors) to make sure it’s the right fit.

4. Registration for Fall and Summer Begins March 28.

Today, students received their summer and fall registration appointments and will have the opportunity to enroll in classes starting March 28 for the full, 16-week term and available accelerated sessions.

Students can visit mySchedule Builder to find accelerated courses and incorporate them into possible schedule combinations in preparation for their registration appointment. To help differentiate accelerated courses from their traditional 16-week counterparts, classes scheduled in each accelerated term will have a session indicator in the first letter of the class section number. Accelerated courses in sessions F and G will be denoted by an “F” or “G” as the first character in the class section number. Section numbers for Maymester and Winter Intercession accelerated options will start with the letter “I.”

5. UCF Policies Apply to Accelerate Terms.

Each accelerated term will have unique academic deadlines, such as add, drop and withdrawals. Classes count toward withdrawal limits.

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