You are invited to:

Meet the Artists at  the Hidden Artists Reception

Thursday, September 11 @ 4 to 6 p.m.

John C. Hitt Library, Room 223

Entertainment by Aaron Lingelbach, Refreshments

Everyone is welcomed to attend.

UCF has many talented employees who use their creativity in their daily jobs. Some of these employees are “visual artists” who create artwork on their own time for themselves, their families and/or for the public. They are the “Hidden Artists.”

The Hidden Artists are exhibiting at the John C. Hitt Library Aug. 1 through Sept. 29 and featuring the talents of: Dawn Herrod, Jacqui Johnson, Simona Loh, Meredith Malkin, Linda Milner, Russ Muller, Fiona Murphy, Judy Bragg Pardo, Brian Pate, Diane Colvin Reitz, Bridget M. Savage, and Tina Tran. This is the 6th year the artists have exhibited artwork at the library.

Artwork will be exhibited on the Art Wall as well in 5 glass display cases and encompass a variety of styles and mediums, including photography, mixed media, acrylic, watercolor, oil, digital, jewelry and more.  

We hope to see you there!

Judy Bragg Pardo, Hidden Artists coordinator