Students graduating in the summer semester sometimes miss out on the fanfare spring graduates receive, but more than 300 lucky graduates were treated to a very special event, the Nguzo Saba Graduation Celebration.

Now facilitated by Student Leadership Development, the Nguzo Saba Graduation Celebration is designed to honor and celebrate the academic achievements of UCF multicultural graduates. Understanding the vital role family plays in the lives of multicultural students, Nguzo Saba family members were also recognized for the support and dedication they provided. The celebration was filled with smiles, laughter, camera flashes and joy, as each graduate was adorned with a hand-made Kente cloth graduation stole.

Graduate La Keisha Turner stated, “At the celebration, I realized that I was the first one in my family to obtain formal education. My grandmother has 13 children, 33 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. And I am the first in my entire family to obtain a bachelor’s degree. After Nguzo Saba and the graduation ceremony, my 13-year-old told me that he will be getting his Ph.D.  So thank you! Thank you! Thank you for recognizing our accomplishments and inspiring my son to reach for the stars.”