The Big East has made little secret of the fact that in addition to adding TCU to its ranks it also wants a 10th football-playing member. It has been reported that Villanova has been invited to upgrade its program and join the football league.

Mike Bianchi, a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, believes that would be a mistake. He thinks the University of Central Florida is the league’s best choice for a 10th member. I would agree with that.

Here’s Bianchi plea for the Big East to take UCF. — Bob Smizik

By Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

Don’t blow it now, Big East.

You made a spectacular move earlier this week when you greatly strengthened your abysmal football reputation by inviting TCU into your conference.

You added a university that has invested heavily in upgrading its football and brings a nationally ranked team … in a major market … in the middle of one of the most football-fanatical states in the union.

But don’t stop before you finish the job, Big East. You have a chance to annex a similar program right here in Orlando. You’ve invited TCU as your ninth football-playing member and now you need to make it an even 10 by inviting UCF.

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